Another Arctic dream…..

Another whiteout welcomed us this morning, it really is quite magical (even if you have something to do) don’t you think?

Poppydog enjoyed a lovely frolick in the fresh snow this morning, scampering around in some mission or another!

We were due to move on today, however as the temperature seemed to plummet mid morning and the snow started again in earnest, after a call to Exebridge Lakeside Club Site, where they were also experiencing a considerable snowfall, we decided to stay put!

A lazy day, reading for me and snow gazing for Poppydog, in the warmth, followed.

Later we braved the heavy snow for Poppydog’s afternoon walk and enjoyed making fresh footsteps in the snow, whilst trying not to look too much like a snowman!

Two thoughts of the day:

Next door are travelling with a monstrous, fluffy, Siamese cat! What’s to say?

Snow plays havoc with the TV reception here and I was looking forward to the return of the Durrells and Good Karma Hotel – perfect snowy Sunday evening viewing!