Countisbury and Porlock and not a glimpse of the lighthouse!….

Another grey day dawned, but again it stayed dry until about 4.30, just as we were getting back in the car for home – so all good by us! Our aim today was to visit or at least see the Lynmouth Lighthouse and unfortunately on this matter we completely failed! We parked up above Countisbury with spectacular views over Exmoor and set off for the lighthouse.

We passed the pretty little parish church of Countisbury and soon had amazing views of both Lynton and Lynmouth.

Over Butter Hill onto the Foreland and up to Foreland Point and this was as near as we got to the lighthouse, about 100 feet vertically up above the lighthouse!

Could we see it from any angle? No not a chance, we even wandered a mile or so along the coastal path towards Porlock to see if we could peer around the corner at it – again not a chance. You can see the access road just disappearing around to the lighthouse in the bottom right hand corner of this photo, but it was a long way around and down – so you will have to take my word for it!

I reckon that is Hurlestone Point in the distance, so perhaps you can see it from there?

Our next stop was to be Porlock, though we had an enforced stop, whilst some sheep were relocated to pastures new and I did take a quick viewing stop before we went down into Porlock, to catch the bay from above and was joined by a couple of Exmoor ponies, who were not in the least impressed by the view!

Porlock is very similar to Lynmouth, with its narrow Main Street, populated with individual shops and tea rooms, prominent church, with a very unusual spire.

We wandered down to get a glimpse of the sea, but here again we came unstuck as the route we had chosen took us across a large expanse of marshland before eventually meeting the stony beach and we didn’t have the time, or indeed particularly the inclination to venture that far!

A good old walk, if a somewhat frustrating day – you see you can’t tell everything by looking at Mr OS, sometimes a friendly nod in the right direction is required!

Two thoughts of the day:

Perhaps this blog will provide a friendly nod and help you find what you are looking for?

Spotted a nice little chippy in Dulverton when we popped in for some supplies, in a very well stocked Co-op on the way back and it smelt really good so I think that is a date for next week!