Hello Devon – what is this wet stuff?

Well we slept like babies – this site is so quiet and sheltered – just the rustling of the leaves and birdsong – can live with that.  Unfortunately the rain looks fairly set in for the day.

The footpath from the site down towards the sea is like a tree lined avenue, very pretty but I wasn’t really able to let Poppydog have a proper run around as it is bordered with fields with interesting things like sheep, rabbits and pheasants in –  way too tempting!  We didn’t have time to do the full walk as Birdie is due in for repair – so we shall leave that to another day.

We took the short journey into Paignton and left Birdie in good hands and set off in the rain (lovely) to walk down to the town.  Gosh I have lived in the country for so long now, I’ve forgotten what the traffic can be like – not very pleasant – smelly and noisy!

Paignton – what can I say?  I guess it would look better in the sun? It is your typical ‘kiss me quick’ seaside town, a bit worn round the edges and just not pretty, even the sand is orange like brick dust.  To get on the pier you have to go through a huge arcade and the rest of it is mostly taken up with more arcades and fair ground stuff – not at all what we like – no peace and tranquillity to be found here.

Cringy ‘Tinsel and Turkey hotels a plenty -fill me with horror!

We found a reasonable pretty church (built with the same brick dust) but not a lot else, so we trudged, wet and cold, back up the hill to wait for Birdie in the warmth of the dealership.  Bit of a long wait but all fixed which is the main thing. Back to Hillhead, fill up with water (yes!), warm up and dry out – oh yes and a glass of wine!

Still not able to get a good shot of the sea from the site – funny how here the grey sky just merges with the sea – whereas at all our previous stays the grey sky’s have contrasted with the sea!  Why is that?

Two thoughts of the day:

Life with running water is definitely better!

I hope there are still some nice seaside towns out there?


From North Cornwall to South Devon….

Well Poppydog thought that getting up at 6.30am was a good idea!  So I went with the flow – shame I didn’t have my phone the sight of the pink sky, bright almost full moon over the grey, moody calm sea – the seagulls flying low over the sea – the early sun just catching their white bodies almost making them glitter – a magical sight ( sorry I can’t share).

I shall miss this site – I have met some lovely people here, some doing or going to do the same as me, some just taking whatever time they can to see as much as they can in bite sized chunks but all with the same zest for life and enjoyment for what is around them – life is short so enjoy as many moments as you can.

We had a good drive – Poppydog was a bit better and settled down for parts of the journey – and I actually enjoyed the drive for the first time really.  Probably a combination of Poppy not stressing and barking all the time, the fact that I managed to get the sat nav working so I wasn’t stressing about directions and that most of the journey was on major roads rather than windy little lanes!

So here we are, just outside Brixham at Hillhead Club Site – what a joy, fantastic sea view, all the pitches are individually hedged – so nice and private, good facilities, it even has a little shop and a bar/restaurant!  As for Poppydog – there are rabbits everywhere!

We can’t wait to get out there and explore.

Two thoughts of the day:

I love my little home on wheels!

Nobody makes jam doughnuts as well as Sainsbury’s – in my humble opinion,