As the thaw began, we moved on to Exebridge…

A very chilly start to today, but not much more snow during the night, so as the sun peered over the hillside, the snow began to thaw. Some spectacular icicles formed on the caravan overnight!

However, after checking the weather, traffic report and with Exebridge Lakeside CAMC site, we decided to move on. This was my first attempt at hitching up single handed, so I was pleased that there was no one else about, especially after spending about 10 minutes trying to get the motormover to move the caravan and was just about to concede and ask for help when I realised I’d left the handbrake on!!!!!

Without further ado, I’m pleased to say, we were soon on our way – arriving mid afternoon at Exebridge, having had an easy journey in the sunshine.

So another first achieved! Almost feeling like an accomplished caravanner now!

The site at Exebridge is lovely, sat in a valley alongside the river Exe, with views all around – after setting up we took the time to sit outside, with a well earned cup of tea, to watch the sun go down.

Two thoughts of the day:

Now I know that I can hitch and unhitch single handedly, I’m quite happy for anyone to help in future – just putting that out there!

In all the excitement of today, I have totally forgotten to eat! Am sure going to make up for that now!


Author: freedombird

'living the dream' meandering around the British coastline with my Springer Poppy.

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