From Woody Bay to Lee Bay….

It rained again! all through yesterday evening and most of the night, however the good news is that it had stopped again by the morning – this kind of pattern I can cope with! We headed out today to visit the last bit of coastline in this section of our journey and parked up in the NT car park above Woody Bay.

We met the end of the old carriageway built by the Victorian’s leading to the Hunters Inn, that we walked along previously and as the ground is very wet and muddy, opted to follow the road (barely a road, single track all the way, if you are thinking!) along the side of the hill, down to Lee Bay,

In amongst the trees, with the sea gently crashing below, birdsong in the air, made for a very pleasant walk- the only slight niggle was the fact that it was mostly downhill all the way – which only means one thing!

With glimpses through the trees, we saw the Duty Point Tower, a folly perched high up above Lee Bay.

And the rather majestic looking Lee Abbey, home now to a Christian Community, offering all sorts of ‘showing you the error of your ways’ and ‘finding Jesus’ type holidays and retreats (doing rather well out of it by the looks of the upkeep of the place!).

Before we finally descended down into Lee Bay, a very quiet and tranquil beach, more pebbly than sandy (grey) – if I am to be honest, though it was very nice to have the beach to ourselves today, I’m not sure I would be quite so keen when surrounded by holidaying ‘Christian’s’ and ‘Retreaters’!

Anyhow, there were enough stones on the beach to keep Poppydog amused, whilst I relaxed for a while, trying not to think about the climb back up! At the top of the beach, in what looked like an old wall attached to an old lime kiln (of which we have seen many dotted along the coast), were a new set of wooden doors, with a ‘Beach Chapel’ plaque alongside, being curious, I tried the doors and guess what?

Although clearly very old, it looked very well kept and certainly in current use – not sure whether that would have been its original use?

As predicted the walk back was long and quite hard going, but punctuated with plenty of opportunities to admire the view, catching the odd glimpse of Wales, a little chunk of rainbow and to marvel over the constantly changing hues of the sea and sky, we made it!

Two thoughts of the day:

Is it just me that feels vaguely threatened when faced with a whole area and lifestyle dedicated to believing? Why can’t we just get on with it quietly?

Am feeling rather chuffed that we have an almost continuous bright yellow (highlighter) line along this whole section of the North Devon coastline!


Author: freedombird

'living the dream' meandering around the British coastline with my Springer Poppy.

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